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拜託嚕 請幫我翻譯成英文 (急) (十點喔) 翻譯一

在原子科學的領域裡,愛因斯坦的名望凌駕於其他科學家之上,且歷久不衰。這位具有猶太血統的科學家,幼年在德國渡過,高中時遷居義大利,大學時代則在瑞士蘇黎世工藝學院就讀。在1900年愛因斯坦完成了大學的學業。1902年任職於瑞士專利局,工作乏味,下班後在家中進行自已所喜歡的研究。在他26歲時,也就是1905年,愛因斯坦共計發表了5篇論著,其中第二篇光電效應使他在1921年榮獲諾貝爾物理獎。最引人注目的是他所提出相對論的質量和能量的關係,這兩者是一體的兩面,可以互相轉換,這導致核能的實現 (質量的損失可以轉變成能量)。

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    In the realm of the atom science, Einstein's fame and prestige overrides in other scientists on, and no slackening of effort.This scientist who has the Judean blood relationship, the childhood passes through in Germany, the hour of senior high school moves into Italy, the times of the university then at Switzerland Su the 黎 a life time craft college studies in.Completed studies of the university at Einstein of 1900.Worked in 1902 after Switzerland patent bureau, working dullly, going off work at home in carry on from already like of research.At he 26 years old, is also 1905, Einstein added up to announce 5 the articles talk about, among them, a light electricity effect makes him win the physical prize of the Nobel in 1921.Most eye-catcher is the theory of relativity that he put forward of the relation between quantity and energy, this both are the both sides of the integral wholes, can convert each other, this cause nuclear energy of realization.(the loss of the quantity can change the energy)

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