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    The Mid-autumn Festival in Taiwan is in the eating habit respect of festival, moon cake and local melon and fruit are the main food. The shaddocks eaten are with the most gentle name of pomelo of the rough beans while admiring the full moon. In addition, all parts cooperate with the local products too, develop and provide the characteristic festival of place custom. The area of Yilan also eats a kind of ' vegetables cake ' besides eating the moon cake on the Mid-autumn Festival. The dish cake is as the material with the flour, spread the brown sugar and cured in the middle. Taste is fragrant and fragile and delicious. Eat the rough custom on the Mid-autumn Festival too in the southern areas. In recent years , develop one new activity ' the roast meat ' the Mid-autumn Festival in Taiwan. Because the national living standard improves, the roast meat has not been in the enjoyment that has been luxurious yet, become very popular activity of the Mid-autumn Festival. It is in quite important custom of Taiwan too to give a present in festival in autumn. At the beginning of every the 8th lunar month, every shop introduce the various types of gifts box , the gift token one after another , solicit customers in the name of giving a present on the Mid-autumn Festival. Moreover, leader of the organ of every company, reward the staff with bounties on the Mid-autumn Festival too, either cause and present gifts , or issue the bonus. Therefore can find out Chinese's degree to paying attention to on the Mid-autumn Festival .




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