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我的辭彙學老師教的我聽不懂 請大家幫幫我吧 謝謝你們^^

1.they're a trainwreck together

2.mind one's Ps and Qs

3.dot one's Is and cross one's Ts

4.mind like a sieve

5.go to bat for someone

6.on the sidelines

7.par for the course

8.ringside seat

9.on the nap

10.throw one's hat in the ring

11.throw in the towel

12.throw a party

13.throw a game


還有我想請問一下 要怎麼查這些諺語片語阿??謝謝你們......

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    2.mind one's Ps and Qs 注意言行(P是please, Q是thank you)

    3.dot one's Is and cross one's Ts 盡力而為 類似 do your best

    4.mind like a sieve 記性不好(腦袋像竹籃子一樣)

    6.on the sidelines 袖手旁觀

    8.ringside seat 看的清楚的好位子

    11.throw in the towel 放棄 投降

    12.throw a party 舉行一場派對

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    5.替某人抱不平10.參加競選 問了10幾個問題才5點...如果最後沒人答我再幫你答吧...

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