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    二胡的英文是an arhu fiddle

    It is a two-stringed instrument, played sitting down and held vertically, with the body resting on the knee. The strings were originally of silk but are now usually steel. The small 6-sided body has a wooden resonator and a belly of python skin; the hardwood neck is long and narrow, and the hairs of the bow pass horizontally between the two strings, which are usually tuned to D and A. The horsehair bow rests on the body of the instrument and points inwards, at right angles to the normal angle of a violin bow.

    Unlike on a western fiddle, the strings are not pressed down onto a fingerboard; eptional bow control is needed and the finger pressure on the strings is critical. Both strings are fingered simultaneously, but the direction of pressure on the bow allows one or the other string to be sounded. The resulting tone is close to that of the violin, though more nasal in quality. Vibrato and trills are widely used, and the instrument is capable of great sensitivity and can be hauntingly evocative and soulful.

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    ERHU直接用中文的二胡下去翻 其他的你看一下下面吧!二胡 erh-hu [a two-stringed Chinese fiddle]三角鋼琴;大鋼琴 grand piano三角鐵 triangle口風琴 modica口琴 harmonica, mouth organ大喇叭;低音銅角 tuba大提琴 cello; violoncello大鍵琴 harpsichord大鑼 bass gong小手鼓;鈴鼓 tambourine小提琴 violin; fiddle小號 horn, trumpet小鼓 bongo小鍵琴 virginal小鑼 gong中國樂器 chinese musical instruments中提琴 viola五弦琴;班究琴 banjo巴松笛;低音簧 bassoon手風琴 accordion

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