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可以參考呢 在描述外表身材和心理的時候

可以用到哪些字句 謝謝^^

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    2 0 年前


    Skin Deep or Deeper Physical beauty is considered attractive, which leads to interpersonal attraction -- there seems to be a logical relationship. But, isn't beauty only skin deep? We should have no problem distinguish superficial, visual beauty from inner beauty, right? "No, and no" would be social psychologists' answer. They will tell you that beauty is definitely more than just skin deep. Specifically, they will say that good-looking people are not only seen as beautiful, they are also seen as having a more pleasant personality and as more competent than less beautiful people. Further more, psychologists have found that we are affected by others' physical beauty without even seeing them; just the knowledge that we are dealing with someone who has physical beauty will do the trick. Even more striking, studies indicate that it is possible that in reality, beautiful people are really as good as we think they are. A person's physical appearance tells us a lot about the kind of person he/she really is, but not as much as we might think! The old saying that eauty is only skin deep?is really pretty true when you think about it. When we speak of a person as eally being beautiful,?we are usually talking of an inner beauty. This beauty has to do with such traits as honesty, friendliness, and a willingness to share with others. Itis strange that we place so much emphasis on how we look when what we are inside is more important.