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    Latin root Basic meaningExample words-dict-to saycontradict, dictate, diction, edict, predict-duc-to lead, bring, takededuce, produce, reduce-gress-to walkdigress, progress, transgress-ject-to throweject, inject, interject, project, reject, subject-pel-to drivecompel, dispel, impel, repel-pend-to hangappend, depend, impend, pendant, pendulum-port-to carrycomport, deport, export, import, report, support-scrib-, -script-to writedescribe, description, prescribe, prescription, subscribe, subscription, transcribe, transcription-tract-to pull, drag, drawattract, contract, detract, extract, protract, retract, traction -vert-to turnconvert, divert, invert, revertLatin prefix Basic meaningExample wordsco-togethercoauthor, coedit, coheirde-away, off; generally indicates reversal or removal in Englishdeactivate, debone, defrost, decompress, deplanedis-not, not anydisbelief, discomfort, discredit, disrepair, disrespectinter-between, amonginternational, interfaith, intertwine, intercellular, interjectnon-notnonessential, nonmetallic, nonresident, nonviolence, nonskid, nonstoppost-afterpostdate, postwar, postnasal, postnatalpre-beforepreconceive, preexist, premeditate, predispose, prepossess, prepayre-again; back, backwardrearrange, rebuild, recall, remake, rerun, rewritesub-undersubmarine, subsoil, subway, subhuman, substandardtrans-across, beyond, throughtransatlantic, transpolarLatin suffix Basic meaningExample words-able, -ibleforms adjectives and means apable or worthy of?/font>likable, flexible-ationforms nouns from verbscreate, creation; civilize, civilization-fy, -ifyforms verbs and means o make or cause to become?/font>purify, acidify, humidify-mentforms nouns from verbsentertain, entertainment; amaze, amazement-ty, -ityforms nouns from adjectivessubtlety, certainty, cruelty, frailty, loyalty, royalty; eccentricity, electricity, peculiarity, similarity, technicality

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