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    Question: Do you know how to get to..xxxxx ?


    1. I am new here too, sorry. 我也是新來這裡的,歹勢。

    2. I am not familiar with the surrounding too, sorry. 我也不太熟悉這裡四週的環境,歹勢。

    3. I am a tourist too, I am sorry. 我也是一個遊客,對不起。

    我比較不會說 我不住這裡 (I don't live here) 因為言語上不是很清晰,表達習慣的問題。

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    I am not a local.I am a stranger here.NOTElocal[usually plural] someone who lives in the place where you are or the place that you are talking aboutWe asked one of the locals to recommend a restaurant.-------longman

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    I am not a local here

    I don't live here

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    譬如說你不是台北人然後有人和你問路, 你就說 "I'm not from (around) here!" 或是 "I'm not really familiar with the streets/roads in Taipei." 也可以說 "I'm not really from Taipei!"

    然後你還可以加上一句, "You should go ask someone else!" 叫他去問別人!

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    I'm not a local

    I'm not from these parts

    I'm not from around here

    參考資料: 在國外住的經驗
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    I don't live in this neighborhood.I'm not familiar with this area.I'm not from here.