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Woman suicide bomber kills six in Iraq

A woman strapped with explosives blew herself up outside an Iraqi army recruitment center in a northern town yesterday, killing at least six would-be recruits and wounding 30 in the first known attack by a female suicide bomber in the country's bloody insurgency.

The woman, disguised as a man in traditional male robes, was standing in line with applicants to join the Iraqi army at the first of three checkpoints outside the center, in Tal Afar, when she detonated explosives packed with metal balls and hidden under her clothes, said Major Jamil Mohammed Sadr.

It was the first known time that a woman has carried out a suicide bombing. The only other instance of Iraqi insurgents sending a female bomber was in October 2003, but the woman was caught trying to enter a government building in Baghdad before she could detonate explosives on her body.

"Today's attack seems to represent a new tactic by the insurgents to use women who are rarely searched at Tal Afar's checkpoints because of religious and social traditions that grant women special treatment," General Ahmed Mohammed Khalaf, the regional police chief, said. For that reason, he said, women and children will now be searched there the same way that men are.

New abuses

The U.S. Army is investigating complaints that soldiers posted photographs of Iraqi corpses on an Internet site in exchange for access to pornographic images on the site, officials said.

Bryan Whitman, a Rumsfeld spokesman, said Tuesday that the Pentagon recently became aware of the practice and is looking into it.

"Obviously it is an unacceptable practice," Whitman said.

The Army said the Criminal Investigation Command recently began investigating the matter on behalf of Lieutenant General John Vines, commander of Multi-National Corps-Iraq but that the preliminary criminal inquiry determined, based on available evidence, that felony charges could not be pursued.

But the matter, including the possibility of disciplinary action, was being handled in coordination with other military services, he said.

Many of the photos depict dismembered Iraqi corpses and body parts.

Some also were submitted by soldiers in Afghanistan.

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    婦女自殺炸彈殺害六在伊拉克 婦女被束縛與炸藥昨天吹了自己在伊拉克軍隊補充中心之外在一個北鎮, 殺害至少六個想成為的新兵和使30 受傷在首先已知的攻擊由一個母自殺炸彈在國家的血淋淋的叛亂。 婦女, 假裝作為一個人在傳統男性長袍裡, 站立根據申請人參加伊拉克軍隊在一三個檢查站在中心之外, 在Tal 在遠處, 當她起爆了炸藥被包裝與金屬球和掩藏在她的衣裳之下, 說主要Jamil Mohammed ・Sadr 。 這是第一已知的次, 婦女執行了自殺性投彈。唯一伊拉克叛亂者其它事例送一架女性轟炸機在在2003 年10月, 但是婦女是被捉住的設法送進政府大廈在巴格達在她能起爆炸藥在她的身體之前。 "今天攻擊似乎代表一種新戰術由叛亂者使用在遠處很少被搜尋在Tal 檢查站由於宗教和社會傳統授予婦女特別待遇," Ahmed Mohammed ・Khalaf, 地方警察局長將軍, 說的婦女。那個原因, 他說, 婦女和兒童現在將尋找那裡同樣方式, 人是。 新惡習 美軍調查怨言, 戰士張貼了伊拉克屍體的相片在網際網路網站以交換對色情的圖像的通入在站點, 官員說。 Bryan Whitman, Rumsfeld 發言人, 認為星期二, 五角大樓最近發現實踐並且看入它。 "這明顯地是不能接受的實踐," Whitman 說。 軍隊說犯罪調查命令最近開始調查問題代表約翰中將藤, 多民族軍團伊拉克的司令員但初步犯罪詢問被確定, 根據可利用的證據, 重罪指控不能被追求。 但問題, 包括處分的可能性, 被處理在協調以其它兵役, 他說。 許多相片描述被肢解的伊拉克屍體和身體零件。 一些由戰士並且遞交了在阿富汗。

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