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    The nation was in a turmoil in the Han dynasty becasue Wang Mang was in the act of stiring up an insurrection. Tsai Shuen, a dutiful son, went picking the mulberry and put in two basket. Unfortunately, he ran into the robbers. They robbed him and see just mulberry.

    They were surprised and asked him "Why did you put the mulberry in two basket?"

    He said "The dark was sweat but the red wasn't, so I just ate the red but my mom ate the dark."

    They were so touched and gave some food to him in the event.

    Why did the devils touch so much? Becasue the human nature was kindhearted, you encountered them, you may as well do to leave.

    What kind manner could be the best? Tsai Shuen is a good example, He is a man of strict morality is able to influence them. Therefore, we must make our effort to study it, so that we can influence many bad guys. But we don't condemn their foolish behavior

    and don't conflict with them.

    Maybe we are preflexed at that the robbers' stolen goods can be accepted or not.

    If Tsai Shuen accepts it, the police might come here and ask for him some question about why were Li and Cangs' goods in here.

    He will be in the big trouble, and nobody can take care his mon.

    Therefore, judgment is the important. The Analects of Confucius said "The man of strict morality should consider carefully everything."

    When we get something, we should think about they are lawful or not.

    We understand that all the robbers done is illegal, so we don't accept their goods.