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Carrie 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

會的人請幫我翻譯一下 ....10點哦....謝謝..

"Go to my brother in the country of Edom," he commanded them. "And when you speak to my lord Esau, tell him this: 'Your servant Jacob says that he has been these many years with his uncle Laban, and that he now has oxen, asses, flocks, menservants and womenservants of his own.' Say also that I am sending word of my coming so that I may find grace in his sigh."

The messengers hurried of, and Jacob waited for them on the north bank of the river Jabbok. His men came back quickly with alarming news. First, Esau was coming to meet Jacob. That in itself was good; but there was more. “We saw your brother Esau,” the messengers said, “and he is coming to meet you-and four hundred men with him.”

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    "去我的兄弟在Edom 國家," 他命令了他們。"並且當您與我的閣下Esau 談話, 告訴他這: ' 您的僕人Jacob 說, 他是這些許多歲月與他的伯父Laban, 並且他現在有黃牛、驢子、群、他自己的menservants 和womenservants 。' 並且, 說我送我來的詞以便我能發現雍容在他的嘆氣。" 信使趕緊了, 並且Jacob 等他們在河Jabbok 的北部銀行。他的人迅速回來了以驚心的新聞。首先, Esau 來臨遇見Jacob 。那本質上是好的; 但有更多。"我們看見了您的兄弟Esau," 信使說, "並且他來臨見面你和四百個人與他。"

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