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A few rescuers were ready, but precious few. On Monday morning, as the storm slammed into the Gulf Coast, Col. Tim Tarchick of the 920th Rescue Wing, Air Force Reserve Command, got on the phone to call every agency he could think of to ask permission to take his three rescue helicopters into the disaster zone as soon as the storm abated. The response was noncommittal. FEMA, the federal agency that is supposed to handle disasters, told Tarchick that it wasn’t authorized to task military units. That had to come from the Defense Department. Tarchick wasn’t able to cut through the red tape until 4 p.m. Tuesday—more than 24 hours after the storm had passed. His crews plucked hundreds of people off rooftops, but when they delivered them to an assigned landing zone, there was “total chaos. No food, no water, no bathrooms, no nothing.” There was “no structure, no organization, no command center,” Tarchick told NEWSWEEK.

少數救難人員可以出動,非常非常的少。星期一早上當颶風侵襲灣區時,空軍後備部隊第九二○救難隊的提姆塔吉克上校打電話給所有他知道的單位,想取得讓他的三架救難直昇機在風雨過後可以立刻進入災區救援的許可。他得到的都是含糊的答覆。負責處理災難的聯邦緊急應變中心( Federal Emergency Management Agency)告訴塔吉克在沒有得到授權之前他們不能動用軍方單位,這事情必須先得到國防部批准。塔吉克直到星期二下午四點鍾才通過所有官僚程序,比風雨消退晚了不只廿四個小時。他的組員從屋頂上撤出幾百人,可是當把災民送到指定地方的時候,卻發現那兒 “一片混亂,沒有食物,飲水,浴室,什麼也沒有”,他告訴新聞週刊那兒 “沒有組織,沒人指揮。”

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    Col. Tim Tarchick of the 920th Rescue Wing got the rescue authorization on Tuesday 4 p.m. and plucked hundreds of people off rooftops after Gulf Coast's hurricane disaster on Monday. It was total chaos.

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