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    It is world-famous top DJ that the flange is strange , have natural gift he win support , have luxurious getting white foreign-style house , delicate and charming if American wife that spend from every large PUB dance hall and music fan deeply very much; Except music, have indispensable Yan wine and drugs , want what have any life let he as stay paradise-like, it is rotten to also let him degenerate day by day.

    There is it, a burst of baffled noises have invaded his ears, gradually, when he transfers volume to biggest, nothing can be heard, then the music which he loves most in life disappears

    The completely quietness lets him crash into the desperate valley bottom in one night, passing and warm applause is turned into the hiss cast aside , music fan , job partner and beloved wife leave away one after another , he collapsing only has a drug addiction and lonely suffering left completely; Until,he finally again catch music vibration

    參考資料: 自己
  • Franky is the top DJ of the world. Many fans and people in the pub are all attracted to his talent of music. He gets a white luxurious villa, a beautiful wife, and also the beer and drugs that are indispensable. He has a life that he could get what he wants, but it also makes him become abandoned. One day, some unreasonable noise gets in his ears . Gradually, he cannot even hear anything when he turns music to the maximum volume. Then, he lost his be love music from his life. The silence let him fall to the hell. The fervent clapping became the repellent of boos. His fans, partners,and wife all left him. Drugs and loneliness are the only things with him. Until, he finds the music that inspire him once again.

    (請你行行好呀~我可沒有亂翻喔....才ㄅ會把"小時候"翻成 "small time"之類ㄉ...)

    參考資料: Myself ~