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Question on poetry...giving15p

What exactly does the famous line "A well-wrought urn" mean, it is written in the 1590s by John Donne in "The Canonization". In the first line of the poem, the "it" refers to what?

Also, what does it mean by " 'Tis better to be vile than vile esteemed," which is in in Shakespeare's sonnet 121 line 1.

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    I guess you know what an urn is, right? It is a container for keeping the ashes of the dead. "As well a well-wrought urn becomes/ The greatest ashes..." is saying our love is like "the greatest ashes" that can only keep in this perfectly built urn. "The greatest ashes" means the ashes of the great person in the past.

    "'Tis better to be vile than vile esteemed" means we rather be vile (evil) because it is what we are, and not "vile esteemed," which means what others think we are. Therefore, the speaker here is saying we need to have our own character. The "it" in this line is interpret as "Being vile is better than vile esteemed."

    Hope this is helpful to you.

    2005-10-06 19:15:10 補充:

    Poems are not hard if you read them over several times. You will be able to feel the passion within the lines. Good luck. ^^

    2005-10-08 00:47:18 補充:

    Err...I live in Taiwan, but majored in English.

    2005-10-11 13:40:26 補充:

    Err...actually I think i still a lot of improvement. Thanx for your compliment.

    參考資料: Norton Anthology and personal interpretation
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    I just feel that you all are being very helpful....I don't quite know which one to award. And I don't think you two are local...

    2005-10-10 11:09:48 補充:

    fine, if meowwwwwww, being the opponent of 小莎迷, said she deserves it. I'll then do so.

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    Uh.. no idea. These look like questions accompanying some sort of assigned reading. You sure you read it all and still couldn't come up with the answers?

    2005-10-06 19:16:26 補充:

     "'Tis better to be vile than vile esteemed" means it's better to be bad than to have a bad reputation.Just read the poem..well-wrought urn -- a well made urn to put their ashes in.I didn't see an "it" in the first line of the poem.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ETA: Never mind, the poster above me did a bang-up job.  I'm literarily inept. ;'p

    2005-10-07 23:57:13 補充:

    Well, I'm local for San Jose, California. ;'p

    2005-10-10 01:47:49 補充:

    I'd say the English major deserves the points.

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