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    How is your life at the military camp?

    It will be good when you are out of boot camp.

    I heard my friend say, military work is less tiring after Boot Camp

    and the time will pass very fast.

    I am studying at a University in Taichung city, if you come here, you can tell me.

    Recently, I feel vexed by papers and thesis and it's my midterm at the end of this month.

    I feel diffidence because my professors are methodical this semester.

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    How is your life of military camp ? You should already go to the army now! Not already training so so tiredly as the new recruit after hearing that downs in the army, so you should refuel oh! Time passed by soon, I will support you on spirit. And I go to the college in Taizhong now, I bored the report , thesis soon recently, it is a high school entrance examination of mine at the end of this month to combine with. To tell the truth, I have no confidence very much, because professor who majors in lesson all relatively follow a prescribed pattern in speech or action this term . But I can only refuel , grade three is acted as lost in grade four and too busy to do it.

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    How is your life at the camp?

    時間很快就過去了,我會精神上支持你的。 Time will go by pretty soon, and I will support you emotionally.

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