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茱莉亞羅勃茲飾與德蒙穆隆尼飾曾經是一對戀人﹐後來愛情由濃轉淡變成朋友﹐但雙方約 定如果在28歲前都沒有理想對象﹐兩人便結婚。眼看他們就要滿28﹐當她得知德蒙穆隆尼準備將與長得一臉嬌滴滴的卡麥蓉蒂雅要結婚了﹐而茱莉亞羅勃茲這時才發現自己在過去九年來一直深愛著德蒙穆隆尼!


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    Second Luo 勃 of the 茱莉飾 with virtuous receive the 穆隆尼飾 to have ever been a rightness of lovers, afterwards the love turned into thin from thick to become the friend, but the both parties about settled if all haded no ideal object before 28 years old, two people got married then.The seeing them will be full 28, be her to know virtuous receive the 穆隆尼's preparing will with grow a face of coy card 麥蓉蒂雅 to want to get married, and the 茱莉 second Luo 勃 just find at this time the oneself had been loving deeply in the past nine years virtuous receive the 穆隆尼 !

    For robbing to return to male friend to want to fulfil all ways to hamper them to head for them to head for the carpet of that carries.For example:The design sings a song the very unpleasant to hear card 麥蓉蒂雅 to the card to pull the ok to sing a song, also asking to the good friend 魯伯 especially the 艾佛 to especially help from the side, as a result asked for to come a few smile to anticipate, but in the end, in this process but make the affection of the before male friend and other fiancees more firm, second Luo 勃 of the 茱莉 find virtuous received the 穆隆尼 and the card 麥蓉蒂雅 to love each other to cherish mutually, and at end moment she understood till 1:00, being you to own if don't add to cherish, the chance missed to impossibly do it again a time.Aware of self Luo 勃 who shouldn't break the others marriage, still is the 穆隆尼 and the marriage of the card 麥蓉蒂雅 , silent bless.