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cover letter格式

請問有誰有cover letter的一些英文的標準格式嗎?例如該寫哪一些內容來吸引雇用著的注意。謝謝

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    Your name

    Mailing address

    City, state, and zip

    Telephone number(s)

    Email address

    Today’s date

    Your addressee’s name

    Professional title

    Organization name

    Mailing address

    City, state and zip

    Dear Mr. (or Ms.) last name,

    Start your letter with a grabber—a statement that establishes a connection with your reader, a probing question, or a quotable quote. Briefly say what job you are applying for.

    The mid-section of your letter should be one or two short paragraphs that make relevant points about your qualifications. You should not summarize your resume! You may incorporate a column or bullet point format here.

    Your last paragraph should initiate action by explaining what you will do next (e.g., call the employer) or instigate the reader to contact you to set up an interview. Close by saying “thank you.”

    Sincerely yours,

    Your handwritten signature

    Your name (typed)

    Enclosure: resume





    在美式的cover letter上通常會建議你查清誰會對你做 interview,

    因這封cover letter的對象是將會interview你的人

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