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Jane 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


二. 個人個性、興趣、專長




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    Two. Individual character, interest, speciality

    My character is earnestly, take charge of, careful, shortcoming be reality, a little stingy, and hesitant character, I hope to can be slowly ameliorating my shortcoming. My interest aspect, every night sleep front all can listen broadcast, bored can Ting Ting music, with sister or friend goes to go shopping occasionally, see film, my speciality is cooking, I all can cook supper to whole family eat Friday on Monday, I can cook vegetable be my proud!

    Three. Study course

    Small and country center study achievements are all medium at country, within one's vision I am all my darlings' at teacher, can not let teacher agonising student. On five is special, there is make progress up achievements, have as service section chief, let me study go to want how to make just be right, want too responsible for everything.

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    Two. Personal character,interest,specialty My character is earnest,be responsible for,careful, the weakness is a reality and has a little the small machine, with hesitant character, I hope slowly be improving my weakness.My interest aspect, will hear the broadcast before sleeping every evening, the boring time will listen to, occasionally going shopping,go to the movie with younger sister or friends, my specialty is a cooking, my the inside of a weekses all will cook the dinner to eat for whole family, will I[would] cook the pride that the vegetables am I! Three.Attend school the process Is all medium in the learning result of the elementary school and the junior high school, I am all darling in the teacher's eyes of, will not let the student of teacher agony.Ascended the 5-year junior college, on the result progressed, was the service section chief, let me learn how do just is to of, also want to be responsible for each matter.

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