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    Almond Cake(Ingredients)I mold (18cm diameter), 100g butter, 80g sugar, 2 eggs, 100g cake flour, 2/3 tsp.yeast, 2Tbsp. milk, 20g almond jam (Preparation)1.Take butter and eggs from refregirator, then set aside at room temperature to thaw.2.Brush butter in the mold, sprinkle some flour.3.Pour flour and yeast in a plastic bag, shake them well.4.Microwave milk in a bowl for15-20 sec.(Method)1.Put butter in a big bowl, use shisk and beat till creamy .Add sugar and beat till light.2.Beat egg white in a bowl, then add yolk, combine them well.3. Add flour, fold in the flour with a wooden spoon.4.Add warm milk, stir, then add almond jam.5.Pour dough in mold, bake in a 170' C(170度C ) oven for 30 min.

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    shisk(X)→whisk(O)(Method 1)

    參考資料: 簡速蛋糕