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    This company wants to purchase the new article of stationery, please provide the article of stationery the quoted priceThe company needs 100 blue color ball point pens, with 50 red ball point pens, but also has 擦子 20, A4 blank paper 1,000

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    Our company are thinking to buy some new stationary, please provide the prices for the below list.

    we need 100 blue ball point pens, 50 red ball point pens, 20 erasers and last but not least 1000 pieces of A4 plain paper

    參考資料: gitfted me..:p ..j/k
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    We would like to purchase the new stationery, please kindly give us your best offer and the details is as following:

    1) 100 ball point pens in color blue

    2) 50 ball point pens in color red

    3) 20 erasers

    4) 1000 sheets of A4 papar

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    1. We would like to purchase stationaries. Kindly offer your quotation for our reference.

    2. We need 100pcs of ball-point pens in blue and 50pcs in red. Also 20pcs of erasers and 1000 sheets of A4 size blink paper.

    參考資料: DR. EYE and myself
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    擦子的英文是eraser 複數字尾+s