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請問 A typical day in your life

My teacher gave me homework. The topic is" A tropical day in my life"

I want to know what typical means".

Some of my classmates say that "typical day" is "daily rountine"

But I don't think so. Can anyone give me a correct answer?


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    Firstly you had a typo in the topic, which should be "A typical day in my life" instead of "A tropical day in my life". Let's get to the point that you are asking.  A typical day in your life means a repressntative day in your life, which does not have to be a routine.

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    Your friend is right~

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    sorry, typical

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    tropical or typical ?

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    不好意思 英文高手幫我批改一下吧謝謝

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    You do mean, a "typical" day, right?

    Your classmate is correct, a typical day means a normal day in your life, like a routine.

    A "tropical" day is not a common topic introductory writing.


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