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有關"My Wonderful trip"

的英文短文 (至少10句即可)



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    給你一個有關於盧山溫泉及清境農場的wonderful trip,你可以全部參考,也可以從中挑選你要的片段:

    Discover the beauty of Lushan

    In China, Jiangxi, there is a famous vacationland---Lushan, where is capped with clouds in the whole year. Therefore, there is a Chinese old say: You can never see Lushan in the whole picture!"" Similarly, we've got the same beautiful place here in Taiwan, also named as Lushan by President Chiang Kai-shek.

    Day 1

    Enjoy No. 1 hot spring in Taiwan

    Lushan Hot Spring contains bicarbonate which is of clear color, no taste, can be used to bath and drink. Furthermore, the hot spring is good to neuralgia, arthritis, and gastralgia. The hotels here have SPA facility, comfortable bathing pools, and individual bathing pools in guest rooms.

    Take a walk on the Chain Bridge

    You should not miss the hot spring, chain bridge walking, hot spring egg cooking, and most important of all, graab a bite of the traditional food. The chain bridge was built in 1977. When you walk on it, you can definitely experience the beautiful views up there.

    Enjoy Traditional Lushan style food

    Just near by the chain bridge, there is a food plaza providing local food. Lots of visitors come here to enjoy the food festival. You can even find a 7-11 here.

    Day 2 ""CingJing Farm""

    Visit the most popular farm in Taiwan

    CingJing Farm is one of the most popular farms in Taiwan. Every weekend, there is a special Sheep Shearing Show. The anchorman is Mr. Grand from New Zealand, along with the assistant, his wife Mrs. Grand, who is a Taiwanese, will bring the audience their best performance with the cute sheep.

    The Sheep Shearing Show

    Act 1---Sheep Dog Trial

    The show begins with the sheep dog trial. Mr. Grand commands his two heelers with whistle. And impressively, the sheep are punched to their fence in a very short time.

    Act 2---You can Be the sheepherder

    Next, Mr. Grand will invite an audience down there to be the sheepherder. He/she will be the sheep classer to classify the sheep in to 2 groups. You are welcome to give a try!

    Act 3---Sheep Shearing Show

    Finally, Mr. Grand will bring you his cheval de bataille ---the sheep shearing show. When he is doing he show, Mrs. Grand will translate for him. They will definitely make you laugh!

    Take Photos with the cute sheep

    There will be 2 shows in every weekend, start from 9:30 am and 2:30 pm. After the show you can go to the grassland and take photos with those cute sheep.

    The beautiful scenes in CingJing Farm

    Aside from the cute animals, we also have breath-taken scenes here. The green grass is over the hills. You can enjoy the fresh air the wonderful time here.

    Hiking in the natural trails in the mountains

    As long as you come to CingJing Farm, you must get to the top of the vista point and overlook at the beautiful scenes. Or you can also try the field training facilities, take a walk in the natural trials.

    Spring is the best season to visit Lushan and CingJing Farm. A 2-day trip will be the best choice.

    參考資料: Lushan
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    I remember my wonderful trip is go to Kenting. I thought boring for me to go there,when I arrived there I saw many beautiful scenery,but I want to go swimming in the sea.My father said"You can't do it." I don't know why.In the end I have a good time in Kenting.

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