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Explain why each of the following sentences is an example of personification.

1. The sofa wept under the weight of all the people.

2. The apple tree was tired from the weight of all the apples on its branches.

3. The angry wind blew onto thr man on the narrow road.


1. Use personification to describe how a mirror would feel when an ugly old monster stares into it.

2. Describe how a birthday present might feel if nobody wanted it.

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    Part A:1. A sofa, unlike human beings, does not 'weep' in the real world.  The sentence personifies the sofa in such a way to show it has been worn and may not be able to sustain the pressure from human bodies.2. An apple tree, unlike human beings, does not 'feel tired' < 厭倦 >.  The sentence personifies the apple tree in such a way to show the apple tree bears too many apples and may not be able to sustain their weight.3.  Wind, unlike human beings, does not get 'angry.'  The sentence personifies the wind in such a way to show its great strength.In all the above three examples, all the inanimate existences are described as if they are emotional.  That explains why the three sentences all serves as examples of personification.Part B:1. The mirror was ashamed of projecting the image of an old ugly monster.2. The present felt deserted by everyone in this crule world.回答者:落日騎士作者:落日騎士。ⓒ2005- 引用前請先知會本人,並請加註此行訊息

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    你想要回答什麼呢?是解釋為什麼答案是B嗎?第二題,是需要幾個句子來描述?有限制嗎? 要說清楚點比較好提供意見喔

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