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”到了這把年紀...”一小段中翻英 20點

"到了這把年紀, 我才深深的體會到人生真的很短. 人生的每一天就只有一次, 不再重複, 真的是需要珍惜每一天. 我想年輕人是不能體會到這些的. 年輕時有天賦就得利用以及更要上進努力, 不要浪費了你的才能. 因為若當你老了之後才體會到學習的需要, 往往都已經來不及."

若是有些中文文法英文沒有的 可以用相似的英文文法代替沒關係. 所以請不要用翻譯網頁等等唷! ^^ 這篇是不是難了點阿?@@ 我很擔心..

20點 由衷感謝!! ^^

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  • 匿名使用者
    1 0 年前

    When you reach to certain age, I just realise that human life is really short, we can only live our day once in life,nothing could be redo. Therefore we really should cherish every single day, I think youngsters will not realise this. People really should wisely use their talent while they are still young, as well as to work hard and be aggressive, don't waste their time and talent. It is because if you only realise the importance of learning different things to meet your needs when you became old,it is far too late!

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  • 匿名使用者
    1 0 年前

    Till now, I finally realize that life is short. Each day is once in a life time, never repeated. Therefore, we have to cherish everyday. I think it is hard for young people to understand those. When one is young, he or she has to untilize his or her talents and makes efforts to reach some accomplishments. Don't waste your talents. Because if you realize the importance of learning when you get older, it would be too late.


    參考資料: Myself
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  • bc
    Lv 7
    1 0 年前

    到了這把年紀, 我才深深的體會到人生真的很短. 人生的每一天就只有一次, 不再重複, 真的是需要珍惜每一天. 我想年輕人是不能體會到這些的. 年輕時有天賦就得利用以及更要上進努力, 不要浪費了你的才能. 因為若當你老了之後才體會到學習的需要, 往往都已經來不及.

    I finally have a deep appreciation of how short life is at this old age. Each day comes once, never to be repeated, and it must be treasured. I don't think a young person can have this kind of realization. When young, you must use you God given talent to it's fullest extend with hard work. If you wait until old age to recognize the need of learning, it's might too late.

    參考資料: 人翻的
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  • 1 0 年前

    Until this age, I just realise that the life is so short. The daily life happens once in the life, it is not repeating again and again. I think this is not those young people can understand at this moment. Do not waste you talent, make good use of it and work hard. Otherwise you will be regretted when you are getting old, and realised how come you did not think like this way!我想這會比較接近你要表示的! 妳參考一下!

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