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    Calling a Stag a Horse (Talk Black into White)


    Long time ago in China, there was a prime minister named Gao ZHAO, he wanted to arrogate all powers to himself but worried about the emperor and other officials refuses to obey.


    One day, he was presenting the emperor with a stag and said, "This is a horse."


    The officials feared Zhao's authority and despotic power; therefore they agreed with one voice, "Yes, this is a horse!"



    This story is a satire on whoever didn't tell from the truth. Nowadays, peoples used to say, "Calling a Stag a Horse" as the peoples who confounds right and wrong.

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    Eyes On a Stag but Tell a Horse

      During China ancient history, there was a prime minister named Zhao Gao aspiring for monopolizing the immense power, but afraid of the insubordination among the emperor and courtiers. One day, he dragged a stag contributed to his lord. "This is a fine horse." he said. Crowds of courtiers at present said "Yes, it is" for a dread of his despotic power.

      The story cogently satirizes to those ones not distinguish between truth and falsehood. So far, as the result, people indicate to mock them as "Eyes on a stag but tell a horse." .

    參考資料: 光彥
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    To Call A Stag A Hourse

    In the ancient time of China, there was a powerful minister named Zhao-Gao who wanted to arrogate all powers to hiself. However, he was also afraid that the king and the rest of ministers would refused to obey him. Therefore, one day, he pull a stag in fornt of the king and said: "this is a fine hourse." Because other ministers were afraid of his despotic power so they also said: "Yes, it is a hourse".

    This story jeer those people who cannot distinguish between truth and falsehood powerfully. Therefore, people have used this story to indicate those people who don't know right from worng, or to talk black into white are "to call a stag a hourse".

    參考資料: 自己and 字典
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