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    When the Internet applications are more porpular, and the coming of electronic transaction age is coming, the traditional security control and authentication mechanism , such as personal password, is hard to protect the security of authentication. This research mainly is to design a "Intelligent Signature Authentication System". The specific features, such as the writing position and the number of one character, of one person's signature can be retrieved in real time by the digital plate with pressure senssor exactly when he is writing. By analyzing and learning these features through neural network, then we can verify who signs.

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    Popularizes day after day along with the Internet application, electronic transaction time approaching, the traditional security and the authentication way like personal password, has guaranteed the authentication with difficulty the security. This research mainly in designs a set "the wisdom signature to recognize the system", presses several boards using the feeling, signs in writing in the process and the time mark take down written the position and the pen delimits written material and so on the number, the method which in the penetration pattern recognition the handwriting characteristic extracts extracts individual signature characteristic, then by way of the kind of nerve network study, finally may recognize Chinese Dictionary the identity.

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    Along with the internet applied popularize gradually, the electronics trades to turn the approach of the times, keeping secret traditionally with the certification method,such as personal password,, already hard insure the safety of the certification.This research primarily focuseds on designing a set of"intelligent the signature recognizes the system", makes use of the feeling to press the digital plank, the position and pen that minute down to write in time in process writing signature marks the number, etc. writes the data, identifying through the sketch in the handwriting characteristic samples of the method samples personal signature characteristic, then can recognize the status that signs finally by the learning of a nerve network.

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