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請幫我將下列幾個句子 中翻英 (10點)

可以不用每一句都翻 如果只知道幾句也可以幫忙回答的﹋ 謝謝!


以下是以[托爾斯泰]作為主題,如果還有以他為主題的其他簡短句子,也歡迎提供!﹋ 謝謝!

1. 我出身於貴族家庭

2. 我小時候雙親就去世了, 我是由親戚撫養長大的

3. 我是個俄國作家

4. 我曾參加克里米亞戰爭

5. 我著名的作品有<復活>、<戰爭與和平>、<安娜.卡列尼娜>等小說

6. 我的作品大富有宗教精神及人道主義思想

7. 我認為人生的真諦,是以愛待眾人,而不僅是愛自己的親人朋友

8. 我晚年與妻子意見不合,於1910年10底的一個深夜離家

9. 後來罹患肺炎,在1910年的11月7日死在一火車站站長的小屋裡


第6句 我的作品富有宗教精神及人道主義思想

("大"是多打的 抱歉)

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    1. I am from in the nobility family

    2. My parents of childhood died, I am brought up something to grow up by the relatives

    3. I am a Russian writer

    4. I have ever attended the Crimean war

    5. My well-known work has,,etc. novel

    6. The full of religious spirit and humanitarianism thought of my work

    7. I think the true meaning of the life, treating with the love public, and not only love own relatives' friend

    8. My old age leaves the house in 1910 for a dead hour of 10 bottoms out of accordance with wife's opinion

    9. Contract the pneumonia afterwards, die in one cabin of the train station station-master on November 7th in 1910

    參考資料: 自己
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    1. My family background to aristocratic family

    2. I the parents have in childhood died, I am foster by the

    relative grow up

    3. I am the Russian writers

    4. I once attended the Crimea war

    5. My famous work has, and so on the novel

    6.My work rich religion spirit and humanitarianism thought

    7. I thought the life the true meaning, is by likes treating the numerous people, but not only loves own family member friend

    8. My old age and the wife opinion do not gather, a 10 bottoms

    late at night left home in 1910

    9. Afterwards suffered from contracts the pneumonia, died in

    1910 on November 7 in a train station stationmaster's hut

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