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The Deerslayer

請問有人知道"Dog of the pale-face!" he exclaimed, in iroquois, "go yell among the curs of your own evil hunting-grounds!"是節錄於James Fenimore Cooper的The Deerslayer的哪一章?哪一段?

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    27章22段 上下段節錄如下


    These words were scarcely out of the mouth of Deerslayer, before

    a common murmur betrayed the dissatisfaction with which they had

    been heard. The aged women, in particular, were loud in their

    expressions of disgust, and the gentle Sumach, herself, a woman quite

    old enough to be our hero's mother, was not the least pacific in her

    denunciations. But all the other manifestations of disappointment

    and discontent were thrown into the background, by the fierce resentment

    of the Panther. This grim chief had thought it a degradation to

    permit his sister to become the wife of a pale-face of the Yengeese

    at all, and had only given a reluctant consent to the arrangement

    -one by no means unusual among the Indians, however - at the

    earnest solicitations of the bereaved widow; and it goaded him to

    the quick to find his condescension slighted, the honor he had with

    so much regret been persuaded to accord, condemned. The animal

    from which he got his name does not glare on his intended prey with

    more frightful ferocity than his eyes gleamed on the captive, nor

    was his arm backward in seconding the fierce resentment that almost

    consumed his breast.

    "Dog of the pale-faces!" he exclaimed in Iroquois, "go yell among

    the curs of your own evil hunting grounds!"

    The denunciation was accompanied by an appropriate action. Even

    while speaking his arm was lifted, and the tomahawk hurled. Luckily

    the loud tones of the speaker had drawn the eye of Deerslayer towards

    him, else would that moment have probably closed his career. So

    great was the dexterity with which this dangerous weapon was thrown,

    and so deadly the intent, that it would have riven the scull of the

    prisoner, had he not stretched forth an arm, and caught the handle

    in one of its turns, with a readiness quite as remarkable as

    the skill with which the missile had been hurled. The projectile

    force was so great, notwithstanding, that when Deerslayer's arm

    was arrested, his hand was raised above and behind his own head,

    and in the very attitude necessary to return the attack. It is not

    certain whether the circumstance of finding himself unexpectedly in

    this menacing posture and armed tempted the young man to retaliate,

    or whether sudden resentment overcame his forbearance and prudence.

    His eye kindled, however, and a small red spot appeared on each

    cheek, while he cast all his energy into the effort of his arm,

    and threw back the weapon at his assailant. The unexpectedness of

    this blow contributed to its success, the Panther neither raising

    an arm, nor bending his head to avoid it. The keen little axe

    struck the victim in a perpendicular line with the nose, directly

    between the eyes, literally braining him on the spot. Sallying

    forward, as the serpent darts at its enemy even while receiving its

    own death wound, this man of powerful frame fell his length into

    the open area formed by the circle, quivering in death. A common

    rush to his relief left the captive, in a single instant, quite

    without the crowd, and, willing to make one desperate effort for

    life, he bounded off with the activity of a deer. There was but a

    breathless instant, when the whole band, old and young, women and

    children, abandoning the lifeless body of the Panther where it lay,

    raised the yell of alarm and followed in pursuit.

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    well done..@@