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    前澳洲首相演講   Malcolm Fraser Malcolm Fraser was the Prime Minister of Australia


    There has been obvious tension between the United States and China, caused by the spy-plane incident and President Bush's statement that America would defend Taiwan, whatever it took, without including the proviso that Taiwan has an obligation to negotiate for genuine reunification. So often, when Taiwan is referred to, journalists and others say: "Taiwan, which China claims to be part of China ?/i>" - without also reporting that we and nearly every country in the world have accepted that that is so.This issue becomes more sensitive and dangerous as time passes. The United States seems to be giving greater support to Taiwan and Taiwan on some counts, seems to be moving closer to a claim for independence. Such a claim will of course be opposed by China. If it were supported by the United States, it would lead to conflict. One of the things that would impel Taiwan towards independence is a belief that the United States would defend them regardless. On the other hand, we also need to take into account the 50 billion dollars worth of Taiwanese investment in the mainland and the increasing cross-straight movements of people. The political problems have not hindered the continuous expansion of business activities.Taiwan represents the most sensitive issue throughout our whole region. Does ANZUS have relevance to it? Many years ago, when Australian forces were fighting on Borneo, Barwick, as Foreign Minister, said that our troops would be covered under ANZUS. Australia was taken to task thereafter. It was made perfectly clear that that was not so and the next Foreign Minister had to eat humble pie on the issue. If ANZUS did not apply in those circumstances, it certainly should not apply in relation to Taiwan. The terms of the Treaty lend support to this view.

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