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    The 琦 gentleman, autonym Pan is rare really, the republic gets six(1917) years, Zhejiang is a 嘉 person always.The Chinese department of literature graduation of river's university of Hangzhou is a well-known prose writer.

    Excel the essay prose, the topic writes the home town personnel more, the style is simple and elegantly simple, warm feeling person.Feeling's thinking is a completely subjective devotion, is not knead the 塑 objectively, thought more wide, the affection is more deep, although have another the year the work style is constant, sink the amplitude increasingly and deeply, more the durable reads.

    The creations life of the 琦 gentleman fortitude and resilience makes the person rise to respect respectfully.Many establish a reputation writers, feels disappointed to current literary circles present condition, but the 琦 gentleman can continue to write, has been writing, in recent 20 years, the book of the 琦 gentleman an origin connects a publication, making her become the object that the writer and writer of reader's fancy envies.

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    agree.. for me, i hit back and go back to the last page, and give up on voting

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    Qi Jun, autonym Pan hope are really, the Republic of China six (1917)Year generate, Zhejiang Yungkia person. Hangzhou Zhijiang university China department of literature graduates, is illustrious prose writer.

    Is good at opusculum prose, material writes hometown personnel so, style is plain elegantly simple, kind touching. Emotion is completely subjective introjection, not objective nip mold, thought is more wide, emotion is more deep, though many years come work style does not change, but dark wide increasingly, durabler read.

    Qi Jun tough invention life makes one awestricken. Many become famous writer, to current the literary world actuality feels dejected, but Qi Jun Que can continue writing, write all the time, near 20 in the last yearses, Qi Jun 's book a meet a publish, make her become reader favorite writer and writer jealous of object.


    參考資料: 翻譯軟體翻滴!!
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    Qi monarch, real name XiZhen Pan, six the Republic of China (1917 ) born every year, people , Yongjia of Zhejiang ,. River university of Hangzhou Chinese department graduate, prose writer of name.

    Good at essay prose, subject matter write more homeland personnel, sincere and simple and elegant style have, cordial and touching. Affection is the totally subjective input, not the objective pinching and moulding, the wider the thought is, the deeper the emotion is, though the style of the works has not changed for many years, deep and wide day by day, read more durably.

    Qi monarch's tough and tensile creation life makes people filled with deep respect. A lot of become famous writer, feel to present literary world current situation disheartened, but Qi monarch can is it write to continue, writing, in the past 20 years, Qi monarch, one book connects one to publish, make her become the target who writer and writer that readers like envy .

    參考資料: dr. eye
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