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光 輕如紙張 光 散落地方 光 在掌聲漸息中它慌忙 她在傳唱 不堪的傷 腳本在台上 演出最後一場 而全村的人們在座位上 靜靜的看 時間如何遺棄這劇場 戰火弄髒 她的淚光 誰在風中 吵著吃糖 這故事一開始的鏡頭灰塵就已經遮蔽了陽光 ㄅㄧㄤˋ恐懼刻在孩子們臉上 麥田已倒向戰車經過的方向 蒲公英的形狀 在飄散 它絕望 的飛翔 她只唱 只想 這首止戰 之殤 惡夜燃燭光 天破息戰亂 殤歌傳千里 家鄉平饑荒 天真在這條路上 跌跌撞撞 她被芒草割傷 孩子們眼中的希望 是什麼形狀 是否醒來有麵包當早餐 再喝碗熱湯 農夫被燒毀土地跟村莊 終於拿起槍 她卻慢慢習慣放棄了抵抗 孩子們眼中的希望 是什麼形狀 是否院子有鞦韆可以盪 口袋裡有糖 刺刀的光被仇恨所擦亮 在遠方野蠻 而她卻微笑著不知道慌張我同學問我意思 可是我沒辦法流利順暢的以英文解釋,請大家幫幫忙不用逐字翻譯,意思出來就好了。

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    The light spreads to fall the place light as the paper light lightly in applause gradually interest it is flurried

    She is spreading to sing the unbearable wound script on the set the performance last one field

    And the people of the whole villageses see how time desert this ater quietly on the seat

    Who battle fire make dirty her tears light to fight to eat the sugar in the breeze

    The lens dust of this story one beginning has already covered the sunlight ㄅㄧㄤˋ

    Fear to engrave at the children the on the face cornfield to have already poured toward chariot through of direction

    The shape of the dandelion is floating to spread its despair to fly

    She only sings to only think this the 殤 of the war

    The bad night lights candle the light to break to stop war the confusion for day

    The 殤 song runs apace the even famine of the home town

    Innocent fall to bump her in this on the road is mown the wound by the long grass grass

    The hope in children's eyes is what shape

    Whether wake up to have the bread to be the breakfast to drink one more hot soup

    The farmer is destroyed by fire the land to picked up with village finally the gun

    She but gave up the holdout slowly and habitually

    The hope in children's eyes is what shape

    Whether the yard contain swing can concuss there is sugar in the pocket

    The light of the bayonet is polished by the old grudge afar savage

    But she smiles and does not know nervous

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