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St. Croix offers a college-prep curriculum during a two-semester school year. Students take core classes to meet graduation requirements and participate in a variety of electives. We have Advanced Placement (AP) classes in Calculus, Chemistry and English. St. Croix participates in the state-sponsored Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO), which allows qualifying juniors and seniors to take classes at the college level. Vocational-technical and on-the-job training programs are available offcampus. Our small average class size provides a healthy learning environment in which students feel valued.

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    St. Croix 提供一門學院prep 課程在一二學期學年期間。學生上核心課對集會畢業要求和參加各種各樣的electives 。我們推進了安置(AP) 組用結石、化學和英語。St. Croix 參加政府支持的崗位次要註冊選擇(PSEO), 准釵X格小輩和前輩上課在學院水平。職業技術和在職培訓節目是可利用的offcampus 。我們的小平均類大小提供裡學生感覺重視的一個健康學習環境在。

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