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可以幫忙中翻英一下嗎??謝謝唷^ ^感激!!





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    Being educated in the university is what each high school student longs for, but after meeting the life of the university, question will one one will appear out.

    First of all, afraid of choosing the unsuitable one's own department , reading discipline that can't give full play to one's professional knowledge or skill by oneself reluctantly , it want the too getting more difficult very without being transfered from one department to another, it want not finding out about by one's own sex to, study that could not be straining.

    Second, it is the question of getting accommodation, when we enter life of the university, it is very difficult for us to avoid going to the school close to family, if it is at school to get accommodation, works and rest and used to in life that must meet the room-mate , afraid too that does not get along well with one's own individual character , life will be suffered unspeakably on day of that day, we must is it show understanding and cooperate to go , could enable oneself happy life.

    Educated in the university having the professor or the teacher to supervise finally, will often seem loose , the ones that combined with life are colorful and colourful, will neglect the study once being not careful, so we must make by oneself , could make us finish study , happy appropriate university students! ! !

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  • QQ
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    1 0 年前

    May help to turn England? ? Thanks oh ^ the ^ gratitude! !Attend the university is, but after the adaption university's life which each 高中生 looked forward to, the question actually meets 11 reappears.First, feared elects not to suit own branch department, reluctant read the discipline which own cannot give full play to one's forte, if transfers to another department also is extremely not easy, therefore must understand own nature approach, can not the strenuous study.Second, is the lodgings question, when we enter the university the life, we are very difficult to avoid being able on to leave home the near school, if stays in the school, adaption room friend life work and rest and custom, also feared with own individuality disagreement, that day the day life can be miserable beyond description, we must forgive and the coordination, can enable oneself a happier life.Finally, because attend the university does not have professor or division commander's supervision, often can appear loosely, in addition lives even more 多彩多姿, one was not careful can leave uncultivated the studies, therefore we had the self-restraint, to be able to cause us to complete the studies, joyful worked as a university student! ! !

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