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幫我寫英文的演講搞 "

Is it fate or do we choose?


Is jealousy always a bad thing?





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    Is it fate or do we choose?

    People say that fate decides everything, and maybe it does. However, if fate decides everything, then what is the point of......everything? If fate decides everything, then every single thing we do is controlled, we are like robots or puppets, without the power to do what we want. Is that fair? No! Then, I believe that we can choose what we do, within a reasonable limit. Our life is like a poem. We know how long it should be, we know that it should rhyme, but we can choose the words. We choose what to do, we choose our life.

    Is jealously always a bad thing?

    People say that jealousy is a bad thing, but if you are jealous of someone's high scores, that you will work harder to pass him. In other words, jealousy is a sort of engine which can induce you to try to rise above something else. But some people let their jealousy control them, let their jealousy induce them to do bad things, such as stealing, or trying to harm their opponent!! So, jealousy is good sometimes, but do not let it control you, you have to control it.

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