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    The baseball is one kind of movement which the home most is in vogue,

    chooses the introduction baseball and to the baseball view in this me,

    although own are not deep to the baseball understanding, but actually

    does not lose to the baseball affection other people.

    The baseball is the athlete take wields the stick to hit a ball scores

    points with the base running as a characteristic ball games team

    movement.The baseball main source to 15 centuries board balls, again passes on

    afterwards by England's immigration to US, evolves today the baseball.

    The baseball biggest characteristic, is it not only is association's

    competition, also is individual competition, also can the condition

    intend the change because of in contestant's heart which thought.

    Because has not competed the time limit, therefore before, leaves

    office in last hitting, nobody can guarantee originally falls behind

    the team is not can turn defeat into victory. In the ball park spreads

    a speech: "The sports match leaves office after two people only then

    starts." Therefore, the baseball may say is one kind fills the

    irritant movement, no wonder by the reputation is "athletics and the

    wisdom union".

    From the empirical ego continuously thought the baseball is the very

    dangerous movement, felt if were not careful is projected on by the

    ball, can receive the very serious injury. Therefore in mine growth

    process, to this movement always interest lacks, until recently, I was

    invites from the friend watches the baseball game, although supports

    the team falls the defeat, but at that time the enthusiasm which felt

    in the field, and supported the team obtained when the reversal

    opportunity the excitement, let my impression unusual profound, from

    this time on I have been infatuated with the baseball.