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    Dear seller hello,Was sorry very much lets you in order to auction the matter takes thetrouble!I also very much before hoped that CD I can receive,Did not know was Taiwan's post office had the problem.....But also has the possibility is ships in the process to lose thegoods......I really am not intentionally must let you go to the expense resendtime of CD to give me;Said me about on me not to be willing in the payment matter,Hoped you can understand....Because PAYPAL is I asks the friend to help,Moreover secondary helps one to receive 200 Yuan dollars;I thought too is really unreasonable,Therefore only then can say does not want again to pay money matter!Really extremely thank you!

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    目前為止只有如如是自己翻的,其他的都是靠翻譯軟體,老外看得懂才有鬼咧。希望各位別再讓錯誤的翻譯繼續誤人子弟。不過如如將賣家翻成買家是不正確的喔。最好的方式是在開頭寫Dear sir/madam

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    Dear buyer /consumer(消費者),

    I am sorry that made you be requiring much attention and concern about the auction, but it was possible that the goods were missing in transit.

    I didn't mean to cost you and mail the CD to me again.

    I hope you could understand that I said I wouldn't pay the money last time.

    I asked my friend to handle "PAYPAL", and I had to pay her/him 200 dollars at a time.

    That is why I think it is not reasonable for me to pay again.

    Thanks your help.或Thank you very much.或 I am grateful for your help.

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    Dear seller How are you, excusing me to let you give a lot of care for the sake of the thing of the forced sale very much! I also hope very previous that CD I will receive, don't know to is not a Taiwanese post office wrong..... But also deliver probably to lose the article in the process...... Really I am to want to let you cost money to send again a CD to me intentionally;concerning the matter that I say last time I would not like to be paying, hope you can understand.... Because the PAYPAL is what I please the friend the help, and help a next in importance collect 200 dollar NT$;I feel really too not reasonable, so then would say that the matter that don't want to pay again! Really thank you very much!

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