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目前台灣有代理,Aloe Vera 藥用蘆薈膠






2.我喜歡在學校和同學在一起搞笑 玩鬧 聊天 嘻嘻哈哈的 真的會把煩惱忘掉

餐廳有好吃的午餐 不只東西好吃 阿姨也很好 熱鬧的感覺我最喜歡

每天好忙~社團 和課外活動~ 看漂亮的學妹 ~日子都過的很充實





各位英文的好手 可花時間幫小弟翻一下這三段的 英文嗎(文法要好) 急需 感激不盡~那個用翻譯軟體 就不用幫我了.. 謝謝

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    1.I recommend a section of par handy protecting the wet products of everybody

    Taiwan at present is it act as agent to have, the medical aloe glue of Aloe Vera

    It is gluey, can be used as toner usually

    Can scribble and make and apply the face with the facial mask paper a bit thick before sleeping in the evening

    The skin when being can be used for sunburning is recuperated!

    Can put in the refrigerator , use and stand up more comfortable!

    Not greasy! It is oily not to stick ! Absorb and exceed it fast! Very handy oh!

    2.I like making laughs with classmate in the school Play and make a noise Chat The laughing and joking one Will really forget vexation

    There is a delicious lunch in the restaurant Not merely the things are delicious The auntie is very good too I like the lively feeling most

    It is busy with every corporation that easy every day With the extracurricular activities - See beautiful studying the sister ~It is substantiated very much that day passes

    3.I want to get and spend lotuses playing while having a holiday, I often go to explore with the friend ...Go to look for the place to play! ! Find that the colored lotus here is different from other places ! ! ! Where to let people all stand up easily!

    As if it is beautiful aunt hill small stream it go boating (((the interesting and getting more amazing very very ...)))

    Seven star pool.. Watch sea.. Pick up stone.. Is it fish to see ((can see than people heavy fish even! !) )

    Carp pool think whole all over firefly (like sea shiny! !)

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    救救我=0= 這是期中考要寫的作文

    2005-11-03 16:59:49 補充:

    HELP ME ~~~

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