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這是什麼意思100% Authentic Guarantee

這是什麼意思NWT Authentic Louis Vuitton LV Theda GM Handbag bag

| 100% Authentic Guaranteed or Your Money Back! |

New: With Tags

Welcome to UAH Unique Authentic Handbags Store

NEW! Authentic Louis Vuitton Theda GM Handbag

| Authentic Guaranteed or Your Money Back |

These authentic Designer Handbags are 100% Guaranteed or your money back. If there are any reservations concerning our item please check reviews and feedback. Our History will speak for it's self. Just Keep you receipt and soon you will vanquish any worries you have.I will not go into detail on designers handbags because that, to me only shadows the Guarantee. If you have any questions please contact us at instant messenager or send a message to us from eBay.

You get what you pay! See the photo

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  • WT
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    100% Authentic Guaranteed = 百分百貨真價實保證

    New: With Tags = 全新貨款, 原廠標籤還在

    看樣子這個很像歐美eBay 上的店面 賣名牌的

    公司叫做 UAH Unique Authentic Handbags Store

    (UAH 獨一無二貨真價實包包店)

    他說他們的lv 包包全是真貨, 有保證, 如果是假的可以退錢

    參考資料: 我住英國20 年了 常上eBay
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    100% Authentic Guaranteed


    New: With Tags


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