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還有~~土拉的英文怎麼拚啊?? (是 TOLA嗎???)

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    電影裡有一句話~~是女主角(土拉)她弟弟對她說的話…"別讓過去影響你,要讓過去成為你未來的一部份"請問這句的英文是如何呢??Don't let the past influence you.  Make it a part of your future.還有~~土拉的英文怎麼拚啊?? Everyone in the Portokalos family worries about Toula (NIA VARDALOS). Still unmarried at 30-years-old, she works at Dancing Zorba’s, the Greek restaurant owned by her parents, Gus (MICHAEL CONSTANTINE) and Maria (LAINIE KAZAN) and smells like garlic bread. Vowing that she’d rather stab herself in the eye with a red-hot poker than work in the restaurant for the rest of her life, Toula is ready for a change. Unfortunately, the rest of her family is not. After taking a job at her aunt’s travel agency, she falls in love with Ian Miller (JOHN CORBETT), a high school teacher who is tall, handsome and definitely not Greek. Toula isn’t sure which will be more upsetting to her old-fashioned father, that Ian is a Xeno (foreigner) or that he’s a vegetarian. But none of it matters once he asks her to marry him. Toula knows that if he can pass muster with her crazy relatives and get baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church...their big fat Greek wedding, including one powder blue limousine, two ice sculptures and ten bridesmaids in turquoise dresses, will be a piece of cake, five layers high with a plastic staircase and a fountain of champagne.

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  • Don't let past influence you, make past be part of your future.

    土拉的英文應是 TOLA

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