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士柏 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


希望我有很多很多的錢,而 且還可以買一棟別墅,這樣爸爸、媽媽就住在裡

面,天天都很快樂,這個別墅有游泳池和三溫暖,外面有一個很大很大的迷宮花園, 並且還種著五顏六色的花朵。而那個別墅很寬很大包括有:迷你高爾夫球場、 遊樂場、健身房等。

我還要把別墅 變成像「凡爾賽宮」那樣豪華,使使全世界的人驚訝一聲,這樣說不定我會變成響叮噹的人物呢!


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    1 0 年前

    Hope that I have very a lot of money, and and can also buy a villa, so father,mother lives in

    Face, all very happy every day, this villa contain the swimming pool and spa, having a very greatly very big maze garden outside, and still growing the colourful blossom.And that villa very the breadth includes to have very greatly:Mini golf course, pleasure ground,gym etc..

    I still want to become the villa to be like"Versailles palace" so luxurious, make the person surprise of the whole world a, thus perhaps will I[would] become to ring the tinkling person!

    I feel my dream is very difficult, because of if without so many money, that can't buy a villa or become to ring the tinkling person, but this is my target, so I must reach me this as far as possible the great dream.


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