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1.Could you marry someone from another country? Why/why not?

2.Describe your personality.Why?

3.How do you feel when you have to make a speech in front of 100 people?Why?

4.How do you feel your boyfriend kisses another woman?Why?

5.How do you meet a handsome man?Why?

6.Do you think people should display their emotions? Why? Do you display yours? Why?



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你的回答感覺個性較外向 我想老師也不太相信我的回答吧

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    1. Yes, if I do really love him/her.

    2. My personality: open-mind but sensetive , friendly, constration.

    3. It's a piece of cake, because I have already done that many times.

    4. I'll kill him if that woman isn't his mother. One relationship should be respected.

    5. I'll feel my heart beating. If I have a boyfriend, I won't do anything. Therefore I'll try to talk to him for further relationship.

    6. No, I don't think people should do that. People should express their own opinion without emotions.

    I used to display my emotions immediately, because I'm too young to control myself.

    2005-11-07 22:23:18 補充:

    1. No, I don't want to marry someone from different country. Because the culture between us is different. I think that may cause some problem.

    2. My ..: Quiet, friendly. But sometimes I just can't tell the truth what I really want.

    2005-11-07 22:23:31 補充:

    3.It's very difficult for me to make a speech in front of 100 people. Because I didn't get used to do that, I think I need to practice more.

    2005-11-07 22:25:40 補充:

    6.Although I think people should hide their emotion while express their own opinion. But most of us can't really do that.

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