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    Vietnam braces for decade’s most powerful typhoonAbout 67,500 people were being moved away from high-risk areas along the coast, fishing boats were seeking shelter in ports and soldiers had been sent to help out with disaster preparations.Cao Duc Phat, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development held a meeting Monday with central Quang Nam provincial authorities to discuss preparedness for the typhoon, domestically known as Storm No 8.The province has successfully called 2,000 fishing boats to shore, but some have defied warnings and left for the high seas, as catches are high prior to storms.Neighbor central Quang Ngai province has evacuated 600 households in coastal regions. Head of the Central Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Control, Le Huy Ngo also toured the province Sunday to check on preparedness measures.Southern Binh Dinh province, which saw 12 dead in recent floods, have moved more than 15,000 families from storm prone areas. The provincial Red Cross has already prepared food supplies in case of emergency.In due course, the Ministry of National Defense has requested local troops be ready to step in and provide relief operations when necessary.Vietnam, which has yet to recover from recent floods that claimed at least 25 lives in five provinces, is once again in harm’s way from typhoonAccording to Le Thi Xuan Lan, deputy head of the southern Meteorology and Hydrology Forecast Station, typhoon Kai-tak, named after an old Hong Kong airport, developed from a tropical depression.It was around 400km south-east from the coast of central provinces from Quang Nam to Quang Ngai as of midday October 30 with wind speeds reaching between 103 and 133km/hour, she said.The typhoon, whose movement is hard to predict, gathered strength quickly, and moved westward, later moving north, and now west again, she added.Due to the typhoon, areas south of the Paracel Islands have seen cyclones and extremely choppy seas.Last month, typhoon Damrey killed almost 70 in northern Vietnam.

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    New typhoon to bring rain: CWB


    The China Post staff

    The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) reported that another typhoon -- newly developed in the sea south of Okinawa -- is expected to bring heavy rain to some parts of Taiwan starting Friday, although it is unlikely to hit the island.

    Typhoon Kirogi, the 20th typhoon in the Pacific region so far this year, was located 1,200 kilometers southeast of Taiwan or 740 km south of Okinawa around noon yesterday.

    Kirogi, which will remain stationary for another 24 hours at the same location, is most likely to move north toward the area south of Japan, according to CWB officials.

    But they said ships operating around Taiwan and in the Bashee Channel between the island and the Philippines should heighten their guard against strong winds.

    Residents in the northern and northeastern regions of Taiwan should also take precautions against heavy rains, they said.

    The temperatures will reach between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan, 23 to 33 degrees in the central region, and 25 to 34 degrees in the south respectively today.

    參考資料: China Post
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    Taipei, July 7 (CNA) Typhoon Mindulle has wreaked havoc on Taiwan, with agricultural losses totalling NT$5.78 billion (US$171.51 million) , industrial sector losses at between NT$300 million and NT$400 million, and business sector losses at NT$202 million, Cabinet Spokesman Chen Chi-mai said Wednesday.

    Chen made the remarks after a Cabinet meeting presided over by Vice Premier Yeh Chu-lan during which she heard reports on the devastation brought by the July 2 typhoon by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Council of Agriculture (COA), Government Information Office, and other government agencies.

    Chen said that the death toll had risen to 24, with most being the result of mudslides triggered by torrential rains. Sixteen other people were injured, while 12 people are still missing. A total of 2,214 others were rescued after being stranded. The typhoon also caused power outages that affected 213,500 households, with 9,000 households still without electricity despite urgent repair efforts, Chen said.

    Water supply to 718,700 households was disrupted because of the typhoon, and 550,000 households still have no water despite all-out efforts to remedy the situation. In the aftermath of the typhoon, the Department of Health's central Taiwan branch has prepared 18,810 kits of disinfected items so that local health officials can distribute them when inspecting the disaster-affected areas.

    The COA has also announced that the counties of Hualien, Nantou, Yunlin and Taichung are entitled to cash relief and low interest loans because of the heavy losses they suffered due to the typhoon.

    Meanwhile, Premier Yu Shyi-kun continued his trip Wednesday to central and southern Taiwan which were hit hard by the typhoon.

    (By Lilian Wu)

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