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9.losted for

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    1. deadlyFog is the sailor's deadly enemy. 霧是航海者最致命的敵人。She is a deadly shot with the bow. 她射箭奇准They gave the film a deadly review. 他們對這部影片給予毀滅性的評論2. powerfulThe headmaster is a powerful man. 校長是個強有力的人物。Her imagination is too powerful. 她的想像力太豐富。Onions have a powerful smell. 洋蔥有強烈的味道。3. hurricaneThe hurricane flung their motor boat upon the rocks. 颶風把他們的摩托艇拋到岩石上。Every one gives him a hurricane of applause. 每人為他掌聲雷鳴。Hurricane is a large, powerful cyclonic storm that forms over a tropical ocean. 颶風是巨大的、強大的氣旋的暴風,形成於熱帶海洋上。4. recordThe doctor keeps a record of all the serious illnesses in the village. 這個醫生保存了這個村莊所有嚴重疾病的記錄。Today is the coldest winter on record 今天是有記錄以來最冷的冬天The songs were recorded by the radio company. 這些歌曲是由廣播公司錄下的。5. damageThe storm did a lot of damage to the crops. 暴風雨使莊稼受到了很大損失。What is the damage for the wash job of my car? 清洗我的車要多少錢?(前面與the連用)=價錢)The earthquake damaged several buildings. 地震使一些建築受到了破壞6. victimsShe was the victim of a road accident. 她是一場交通事故的受害者。They are victims of war. 他們是戰爭受害者You are a victim of your own scheming. 你是自己計畫的犧牲品7. affectedShe likes to use an affected accent in talking with guys. 她喜歡用做作的腔調跟男人說話His manners are affected. 他的態度不自然。People donate to Social Security for people in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. 人們捐款給社會安全幫助那些受到卡特裏那颶風影響的人8. sufferedThe enemy forces suffered heavy casualties by their own admission. 敵軍自己承認傷亡慘重。His friend has suffered from ill health for some years. 他朋友身體不好已有好幾年了。They were not suffered to aspire to so exalt a position as that of streetcar conductor. 他們都別想升到電車管理員這麼高的職位9. losted for題目錯了。

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