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    Life is time.are you making it count? If your daily activities are taking you in the direction of your dreams then you are making it count. If you are living your life on purpose then you are making it count. To make your life count, you must live on purpose. Otherwise, you are living someone else's dreams and goals.

    Have you thought about what you want out of life and how you will make it happen? Follow this simple and easy process to determine your life's dreams. Each and every day evaluate what you are doing and how it will help you accomplish what you really want out of life. There is no dress rehearsal in life; this is the real thing. Today is the day and now is the time to begin your journey to success.

    Begin by taking the time to learn more about yourself. Set aside approximately four hours to complete the following personal and professional strategic planning guide. One key point to remember is the definition of success is determined by you. Enjoy your journey!

    1. Strengths - list at least twenty of your strengths

    2. Successes- go back as early as you can in childhood and write down all of the successes you have had in life

    3. Learning Experiences - write down all of learning experiences you have had throughout life and why you are better because of them

    4. Purpose in:

    a. life - what is your bottom line reason for living

    b. career -- what is your bottom line reason for working

    5. Mission in:

    a. life - what is the talk you walk

    b. career - what is the talk you walk