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1. What are the main problems of Taiwan today?

2. Is Taiwan a renegade province or independent nation?

3. Where is Taiwan,and what is its origin?


4. Who are the Taiwanese people?

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    1.The main problem with Taiwan today is that it is too crowded. Being an island only 35,980 square kilometers big, we are extremely limited in our options for expanding.

    2.I would like to think of Taiwan as an independent nation, because our government and laws works entirely different from those of China's

    3.Taiwan is located in eastern Asia, of the coast of mainland China. Our origin come from the people who fled from China when it fell into Communist hands.

    參考資料: 我曾留在美國8年 有美國大學生英文程度
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    1.The main problem of Taiwan today is that the quality of education , air pollution

    and public security are worse than before.

    2.I think Taiwan is an independent nation, because it's a democracy,and then it's

    different from the mainland china.

    3.It locates in Asia and its origin is Negrito.

    4.They love Taiwan,and they're glad to pay more attention & contribute themselves

    for Taiwan if they've the ability to do this.

    參考資料: me
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    1.I think that the main problem is about air pollution.

    2.Taiwan is certainty a independent country in the world.

    3.Its in the Asia and the origin is come from Portuguese.

    4.we are realize a Taiwanese .

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