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2.顧後不瞻前:許多人聽外語常犯的錯誤是只顧揣摩剛剛聽到的是什麼,而忽略了去揣摩說話者將會說什麼。這種現象在一般日常生活的對話中,由於頓挫支吾佔了許多時間,不會產生太大困擾。可是在新聞廣播中,播音員一開口便成串的字流洩而出,聽者如果還是忙著揣摩所聽到的訊息,不去預測未來的訊息,那只有永遠辛苦的跟著播報員後頭追得非常辛苦,甚至為了顧前而丟了後,結果前後都沒有聽懂。為了避免這種窘像,便要學會如何猜測說話者將要說什麼。新聞體的文章都與何人、何時、何事、何地、為何、如何有關,而前第一句的導言會把重要的訊息傳達出來,之後的報導,朝”六何”的方向猜大致不差。以上面這則新聞為例,聽了第一句 A Taichung police officer has been killed in a shootout during an attempt to make an arrest之後,聽者對整則新聞已有大略的印象,後邊的報導只是比較詳盡的敘述,回答何人、何時、何事、何地、為何、如何等問題。這類新聞聽起來輕鬆許多,這也是聽國內新聞比較容易的原因之一。

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    2.Before not looking forward after taking care of: The mistake that a lot of people listen to foreign language and often make is to absorb in trying to figure out and just hearing what, and will neglect and try to figure out the speaker and say anything. This kind of phenomenon is in the dialogue of general daily life, because in rhythm to is it account for a lot of time to prevaricate, can produce too heavy to perplex. But in the news broadcast, the announcer opens the mouth the word become bunch flows and lets out but appears, if the listener is busy with trying to figure out the information heard, does not go to predict future information, that only arduous forever one is followed behind of the announcer and chased very hard, have not even understood in order to take care of before and after the result after losing. Look like in order to prevent this kind from being in straitened circumstances, should learn how to guess what speakers will say. With whom it will be article of the journalistic style, how to have something to do with, and the first introduction of first sentence will transmit important information out, the report later, guess not roughly bad towards direction of ' six He '. Take above, this news, as an example, have listened to the first sentence of A Taichung police officer has been killed in a shootout during an attempt to make an arres After t, the listener has already had a impression of bold vision on the whole news, the report behind is only an more exhaustive narration, who, when, what, where, why, what a question does it answer. This kind of news sounds much more relaxed, one of the easier reasons that this too listens to the home news.

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