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請勿使用翻譯軟體! 盡量人工翻....企業形象不僅是行銷傳播的工具,也能協助發展其企業文化,更可以協助企業制定長期發展的策略方向. 可達到企業在扮演社會角色過程中,對自身經營行為的明確規範. 建立企業形象不僅是讓社會大眾認識一個標誌或是名稱,也是對其企業文化的闡述. 企業形象也完全取決於企業文化, 表現在他如何和社會大眾產生共鳴. 如果其企業形象所傳達的價值觀也是社會文化模式中所需要的價值觀,那麼其企業形象將會為大眾所接受,達到傳銷的目的.

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    The corporate image is not merely a tool propagated in marketing, can help to develop its corporate culture too , and can help enterprises to make the tactics developed for a long time .

    It can let enterprises have clear standard to act the role for their enterprise management in the society .

    Setting up corporate image not only lets the people know a sign or the names, explain its corporate culture too.

    The corporate image depends on how the corporate culture makes the people's sympathetic response.

    If its values transmitted of corporate image are needed by social cultural pattern, then its corporate image will be accepted by people and achieve the purpose of multiple level marketing.