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如果我是John,我一定覺得很難過。因為自已對她已經付出真心,卻沒想到原來她是一個金光黨。而且一想到從今以後人生已經全部毀在這女人的手裡,就會覺得想死吧! 但是我應該會拚命去求救,逃出以後,立刻報警,並且抓到那二個男的,但對女主角應該是會手下留情,畢竟自已是愛她的。而且她已經懷有身孕,我想我可能會心軟吧。也許我最後也會像劇中男主角的做法一樣,覺得既然人生已經無望了,那就乾脆讓它爛到底吧。幫助女主角回到俄羅斯,然後自已再去自首承擔一切。反正搶銀行不至於判死刑,大不了以後吃免錢的飯而已。電影的最後,女主角終於被男主角痴心、體貼的行為感動,決定跟他共渡一生,雖然說必需離開已生活許久的家園,但是如果是我的話,我也應該樂於接受這樣子的結果吧!

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    If I am John, I will certainly feel very sad . Because since has already already paid her wholeheartedly, but not thought of originally she has been a golden light party. And think of all destroying it in this woman's hands in life from now on , will think that want to die ! But I should be able to risk one's life crying for help , after escaping from, report to the police at once, and catch those two men , but should show mercy to the leading lady, since has loved her already after all. And she has already nourished the pregnancy, I think that I may be knowing and soft. Perhaps I will think like the leading man's method in the drama since already hopeless in life too finally, then the universe lets it be finally rotten fragily . Help the leading lady to get back to Russia, then since has already gone to give oneself up to bear everything . Rob unlikely to sentence to death bank anyway , is it exempt meal of money to wipe out at the worst. The end of the film, the leading lady was moved by leading man's infatuation, behavior shown consideration for at last, determine to spend with him altogether for all one's life, though must leave and already live in the home for a long time , but if me, I should be glad to accept the result in this way!

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    eventually you will know which are machine/online translated and not to waste you time on them.

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    在第二句裡的since和because不能一起用吧. 因為since和because的意思是差不多的. (我不太確定^^")