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拜託 幫我寫英文豆報告








因為沒人回答 所以在加碼10點 也揪是說最佳解答可以


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    Dear Susan,     I'm coming back this Saturday.  After two years of wandering, I began to know more about myself and I guess I have found what I am for.       Are Dad and Mom OK? I have worried them too much.  I know they had long expected me to be a lawyer.  But, that's not what I intend to be at all.  A lawyer can only help a small group of people.  And worse, sometimes a lawyer would help those who he should never help.  I leave my job simply because I need some time to ponder as deeply as I can why I am here and what I should do for people in this world.     I dare not say I have understood myself totally, but at least, through the three-year exploration of this world, I have also explored myself deep inside my soul.  I'll soon be back.  Please tell Mom and Dad I still love me.  Their love makes me a grown man.  And so does yours.  Take care!With love,Jeromy<文中的Jeromy筆者設定為Susan的哥哥>回答者:落日騎士。作者:落日騎士。ⓒ2005-若片面刪除本文,則喪失本文使用權

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    2005-11-14 00:23:05 補充:

    Hey Rin:

    What's up, my buddy?

    Anything new?

    You know you didn't write me for a long time!!!

    O well, I know you are busy with all your school stuff.

    I am so jealous of you, you get the chance of going to Japan to be in an exchange student, while I am in Taiwan being stuck with all the projects and homework. This is not fair!!!!!! I wish I can go with you. So other than learning Japanese and making new friends in school, what else did you do??? Don't tell me you do nothing. I know you did something, or else you wouldn't forget to write me e-mails. Anyways, Christmas is coming less than two months, are you coming back? If you do, remember to bring me some goodies, will you?

    Love ya~



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