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can a person who has G-6-P-D D

Brindleberry ( Garcinia cambogia ) is it suit for a person who has G-6-P-D deficiency


please send me the answer in chinese

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    是一種抑制胃口的天然萃取物﹐現在被應用於抗肥胖的藥品。依照學理和醫學研究結果表示HCA可以抑制葡萄糖代謝產生脂肪﹐進而減少肥胖發生﹐似乎不會造成蠶豆症葡萄糖6-磷酸鹽去氫脢缺乏症(G-6-PD deficiency)病患的不適﹐不過基於個別體質和健康狀況不同﹐建議服用前最好詢問醫生或專家 Brindle Berry is an appetite suppressant herb, HCA a potential antiobesity drug. According to the hypothesis and recent studies, it should be fine for the G-6-P-D D patients. However, it is always better to consult doctor and specialists. Brindle Berry inhibits the production of fats from carbohydrates. When carbohydrates are eaten they are broken down into glucose and used for energy. The glucose that is not used immediately as energy is stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen. Once the glycogen stores become full, an enzyme known as ATP-citrase lyase acts with any excess glucose molecules to produce fat and cholesterol. It is thought that HCA temporarily inhibits this final process by suppressing the action of this enzyme. Studies have shown that HCA may be effective in reducing fat production by 40 to 70 percent for up to twelve hours following a meal! The high acidity of the ripe fruit makes it difficult to eat raw. Instead the rind is usually dried and used as a flavouring condiment in curries as a substitute for limes or tamarind. The rind has also been found to be a useful food preservative and digestive aid.

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