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He exams it carefully.(參考書上的翻譯是:他小心地檢查它.)


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    (這句話裡 exam 當動詞用,應是 examine 的縮寫。)

    exam n.

    1. 【口】考試

    exam. abbr.

    1. =examination

    2. =examine(r)



    1. 檢查;細查;診察

    The doctor examined the boy and found there was nothing the matter with him.

    2. 審問;盤問[(+on)]

    The lawyer examined the witness.

    3. 測驗[(+in/on)]

    The teacher examined the students in physics.


    1. 檢查,調查

    examination n.

    1. 檢查,調查[C][U][(+into/of)]

    A close examination of the butterfly showed that it had four wings.

    2. 考試[C][(+in/on)]

    The teacher gave us an examination in history.

    3. 審問;查問[U][C]

    The examination of all the witnesses took a week.

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    exam是名詞,所以書上的說法(當動詞)是錯的。<以下定義供參考>Definitions of exam:Official exercise designed to evaluate knowledge and skills, and covering the contents of a course or a program of It can be a written Exam or a Pc Exam (see below) dream exam can be analyzed on at least two distinct levels. Dependent on surrounding dream elements, it may be speaking to current life lessons and the growing pains associated with learning in waking life or, on the mundane level, exams often deal with the standards set for us, or by us and are perceived as our drive to achieve for examination) a test, consisting of some length, usually given at mid-term or at the end of a course (see "Quiz") a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge; "when the test was stolen the professor had to make a new set of questions" education, certification, counselling, and many other fields, a test or exam (short for examination) is a tool or technique intended to measure students' expression of knowledge, skills and/or abilities. A test has more questions of greater difficulty and requires more time for completion than a quiz. It is usually divided into two or more sections, each covering a different area of the domain or taking a different approach to assessing the same aspects.

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